About Us

MarGian Studio is a family owned and operated studio specializing in bespoke furniture and Fine Art. The studio or “Taller” is located in the Bronx borough of NYC. Each piece is meticulously handmade by artisans using the best sourced materials. Our aim is to produce luxury sculptural pieces which function as furniture pieces to be used for decades to come. We remain committed to evolving and resourcing new materials and techniques into our work. Our aim is to incorporate the highest level of craftsmanship with innovative materials into each of our pieces we design. Our style and design remain rooted in simple modern elegant pieces in the 21st Century. 

Our Story

Our family business started over 35 years ago in New York City,  manufacturing fine art frames. For many years our primary focus was working with world renowned galleries,artists and museums. We have had the privilege of working with names such as: Andy Warhol, Claudio Bravo, Fernando Botero, Francis Bacon, G.H. Rothe, Jean Michel Basquiat, Joan Miro, Lucien Freud, Manolo Valdes and many more.